Movie Notes/ Differences in Films

Movies Notes/Thoughts & Ideas

 Blade & Buffy the Vampire

-Both slayers

-More action than horror

-More focused on the fighting rather then stalking

-They go by their first names “Blade” and “Buffy”

-The both have evil geniuses


-Buffy –she dies/world ends or vise-versa

– Both almost dying and some how being revived

– Not entirely human like Van Heilsing

– Influenced by comic books

– Violence – never in danger during a fight scene

-Comic relief

-Blade had many different wild gadgets and weapons

-Story that never ends (rotate out the people….many characters.. people pop up)

-Theme of revenge-Blade

-Theme of race-Blade is a black vampire (not the norm) vampires become more of a positive thing so they take on the dominate race- Blade is half human half vampire(hybrid)

-Pure blood vampire= born a vampire

-Frost wants to destroy the world so that he becomes the new dominate race, Blade embraces his hybrid self and decides to destroy other vampires, he wants to continue his work and not be “cured”

-Blades danger of becoming more pure not hybrid

-Vampires in Blade are scientific and in Buffy it is more “magical”/ the old vampire idea

– Theme in Buffy- Sacrifice- herself

-When Buffy sleeps with good vampire Angel, he turns evil (morals-sexuality is punished)

-Buffy is seen as a hybrid because she’s not exactly human when she comes back to life(resurrection)

-Buffy is human but has super human strength and she’s  a woman- which isn’t normal

-Buffy is appealing because the “teenage” problems aren’t a big issue, she has a secret life

-Theme of friendship in Buffy- she brings all of her friends into helping her fight the vampires (depends on her friends), normally you only have one “side kick”

True Blood & Twilight

 – Romance

– War between werewolves and vampires- they used to be the same thing

-Vampires are upper class and the werewolves are lower class in both movies

-Both feature a woman who is torn between a werewolf and a vampire- causes excitement, you are dating a mystery cause for good reading/ watching… enticing

– Appeal- who doesn’t want to be desired

– Why did vampires go from ew to sexy?

            – looking new places for thrills

            – no longer a “rape” but consensual

            – more likely to give into a good-looking person than an ugly one

 By comparing Blade and Buffy we see many comparisons between the two and how the era impacted the movies and how vampires were viewed. We see an underlying evil genius and themes of revenge, race, and sacrifice. True Blood and Twilight also had many similarities due to when they were made; we see more romance rather than action like Blade and Buffy. Also in True Blood and Twilight the setting is more modern and the vampires are seen as “beautiful” rather than disgusting.

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Let the Right One In.. things I made note of..

Modern Vampire-tend to see more scientific rather than supernatural (which we typically see)

 Acid on the face- protection for Eli, hiding his face

 Warewolf, zombie and vampire combined into one story.

 Haken- Sympathetic pedophile, incompletion (unsuccessful), sailed to kill two people, gets no where with Eli, Eli has power over him, he serves as Eli’s “older” person ( she can use him), kind of like Eli’s sidekick- vampires tend to have these.

 Inability to connect-

 Eli and Haken- dysfunctional but yet works, benefits Eli more than Haken

 Virgina and Lacke- cant seem to get it right

 Oskar and Eli- both find eachother as a positive thing, they feel the same way(outcast), get along good.

 Oskar- socially awkward, gets along better with adults, only child, ritual hanging out with his mom.

 Family Role

 Oskar and his father- he is able to get along with him for period of time but things get in the way ex. When the woman walks in and alcohol.

 Oskar and his mom- she sees him as a small child still, shes too protective, her power is limited in protecting him  only while hes in the house), mom works- only appears at night and shes always inside, she makes food all the time (domestic).

 Tommy and his mom- she leaves the domestic lifestyle for a new husband.

 Relationships are important in this story.

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speech assignment…

So I was to persuade my class that they should join team Edward over team Jacob, and I found that this class helped me alot with my arguements and also realized how vampires have evolved. Here are some points that I cam up with and things that you typically would see in a story we are reading in class…

A. Edward is described as “devastatingly, inhumanly beautiful” (vampires are seen as creepy… not hott)

B. Edward has pale sparkling skin. (this is a new touch)

D. Edward has red lips, messy hair, classy sense of style (sex appeal)

E Edward has piercing eyes that change color or may be covered with his signature ray bans.

F. Edward is unbelievably strong; he can uproot trees and stop speeding vehicles.

G. He looks like your typical young man, this allows people to relate to him and makes Bella feel more normal.(vampires in our stories don’t look typical)

H. Edwards’s looks will last; he always remains the same on the outside.

I. He doesn’t take his looks for granted, he is humble, girls chase him but he wants one, Bella.

J. Edward has a mysterious yet intriguing side smirk.

 His personality traits… which are like a man in love not a vampire

  1. Edward is so patient with Bella, and shows this by the way he talks to her. (Bella…”‘In the last hundred years or so, I never imagined anything like this. I didn’t believe I would ever find someone I wanted to be with…I’m good at it… at being with you'” (p. 301, Twilight). “For almost ninety years, I’ve walked among my kind and yours…all the time thinking I was complete in myself, not realizing what I was seeking. And not finding anything, because you weren’t alive yet”
  2. Edward is respectful towards Bella, he courts her and treats her like a lady.
  3. Edward protects Bella, as much as it hurt him to leave her he sacrificed himself and did it.
  4. Bella trusts him, she never hesitates, and she knows he has his best interest when it comes to her heart.
  5. Edward is romantic, by picking her up while dancing.
  6. Edward has a stable home, morals, they never wanted to be monsters they consider themselves vegetarians.
  7. Edward is financially stable, he can take care of her needs and some other things she may want to do.

H.   Psychologically they fit, they are both outcasts/shy people and with

Edward she felt she fit in. As a human, I’d never been best at anything… I was a good student but never the top of the class. Obviously, I could be counted out of anything athletic. Not artistic or musical, no particular talents to brag of Nobody ever gave away a trophy for reading books. After 18 years of mediocrity, I was pretty used to being average. I realized now that I’d long ago given up any aspirations of shining at anything. I just did the best with what I had, never fitting into my world. So this was really different. I was amazing now-to them and to myself It was like I bad been born to be a vampire. The idea made me want to laugh, but it also made me want to sing. I had found my true place in the world, the place I fit, the place I shined (p. 523, Breaking Dawn).

I. Edward can control his desires around Bella (vampires in stories cannot)

J. Bella and Edward love each other. (vampires weren’t able to feel this emotion)

This was my Conclusion: As young adults we will find ourselves preparing for serious relationships if not already in one. Your going to want to be with someone who that you find personally attractive, someone who treats you with respect, someone who cares for you in a way no other has, someone who completes you and you are compatible with… you are going to want a relationship that has the characteristics of Edward and Bella’s, true love…love always wins. There is no doubt Edward is much better for Bella then Jacob is, based on his physical appearance, personality traits and how they are compatible. Even Stephanie Meyer agrees, the author, the one person who created these two characters and knows every little detail about them, she put them together for a reason, that being may the better man win, Join Team Edward!

Didn’t think this class would be helpful in speech….. clearly it was.

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Reoccurring theme

For the second paper I chose the second prompt… which was to write about a particular theme that has continued to come up throughout the semester while reading vampire stories and discuss its significance. I chose to write about the sexuality that is used to magnetize readers, this is a common theme that comes out in pretty much every single story. The stories I focused on were: Thomas Preskett’s Varney the Vampire, Sheridan LeFanu’s Carmilla, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and Tina Rath’s Miss Massingberd and the Vampire. All of these stories supported my theory as to why sexuality is involved. Sexuality attracts people because it is a topic many avoid, and when people talk about the untellable… others are willing to listen. Especially in earlier stories which took place in the 1700’s it was morally wrong for people to speak the way the authors spoke about sex. In Varney the Vapire, there was a sex scene that took place that was told in a way that one can only conclude it was rape… this raises many eye brows and makes people want to listen. People like to hear about the good, the bad and the ugly… this being an example. In Dracula ,there is a part of the story to where the neck is being bitten and in many analyst minds they consider this to be the vampires way of reproduction…. Humans make babies by having sex… vampires make other vampires by drawing blood. Brian Alexander was the author who I chose to back up some of my explanations; he is a professional writing and sex physiologist who focuses on people and even look into vampires and allowed me to open my eyes even more to this topic. When it came to the encounter in Carmilla, there was quote that I pulled from the story in which it is describing the way she felt… it talked about the heart beating, breathing increasing, a and convulsion. Alexander says that you can conclude she was having an orgasm, which is the extreme/peak of a sexual encounter.

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Dead Until Dark

We have discussed many different stories in class that all have their own themes and characteristics. This past week we went through the book Dead Until Dark written by Charlaine Harris, it differs from the stories read in the past because it can be considered a romantic novel. The book is based on a relationship between a vampire, Bill, and a telepathic lady named Sookie. Sookie basically falls in love with him at first sight due to the fact that she can read everyone’s mind but his. Here we see that opposites really do attract Sookie is alive, virginal, and pure while Bill is dead, experienced, and sexual. Bill is considered the romance hero his typical character traits are that he is masculine (both appearance and behavior). He shows this by his protectiveness and manliness over Sookie when he stands in front of her at the bar, has Elvis watch her, has he uncle killed, (he molested her) and doesn’t even ask if he could draw her blood during intercourse. He is also considered to be a “nice guy”, sexy, and mysterious. Sookie is like your typical heroine in a sense that she is under distress, beautiful, disadvantaged, (she sees reading minds to be negative) and the good/ pure girl. As a reader I really want them to be together but their relationship isn’t as good as it seems when you take a better look… Bill endangers her, causes tension with friends, makes her afraid of him, and she isn’t even allowed to see him in daylight and she realizes that they will never be a normal couple in Ch.7. Some people may disagree, but I liked this storyline I’m personally into chick flicks and romance movies and novels and this fits that category. It also reminded me a lot of Twilight, which I am also a fan of.

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Weekly bog- Vampires evolve

Throughout this week in class we have gone through a few different short stories including: I, The Vampire, Miss Massingberd and the Vampire, Place of Meeting, The Funeral, Homecoming, and Bite-Me-Not. As we dissect each story I can’t help but to notice how vampires are starting to evolve within the time frame of being written. Towards the beginning of the semester when reading as a class we would discuss how vampires were seen in a horrific way and that they were not to be taken lightly. I have noticed throughout the current stories vampires are almost becoming more acceptable, humorous, casual, and used for entertainment. I noticed that their physical appearances are also starting to change, for example in Bite-Me-Not, the vampire is covered in dark feathers. Instead of being afraid of the stories as a reader you start to feel sympathetic towards the vampires which happen throughout Place of Meeting. In Homecoming Timothy, who is a vampire, is seen as an outcast compared to the rest of his family. He doesn’t have the super powers the rest of his family has and is even scarred of the dark. A vampire scared of the dark? It’s hard to take that seriously. Also these vampires are not alone, they had a family structure. In The Funeral a lot of funny things are happening…while Dracula is trying to give a elegy everyone else is minding their own business and not behaving and he actually becomes annoyed/ mad at them. I also noticed that the vampires seem to be more human-like, not only are they starting to have a family structure, but they are able to love and feel emotion unlike the other vampires we have read about. In I, The Vampire we see that the Vampires loathes his existence and isn’t proud of it, he also allows himself to be killed… which is unusual to the past readings. Typically the vampire wants to kill kill kill and only take care of himself, and in this story it’s the exact opposite. Miss Massingberd is different from the other readings we have had. It is much shorter and is not domestic; it makes the vampire the “other guy.” Her husband (oddly a minister) I feel is somewhat aware of her relationship with the vampire which is implied to be sexual and for some reason or another doesn’t mind it.

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What function did Dracula serve for the Victorians?

I believe that Bram Stokers Dracula was revolutionary in the lives of Victorians. The story caused controversy and made people talk, there were many parts of the story that sexuality was present. This type of story was unheard of and absurd during those years. Yet people were intrigued with the idea that Dracula was somewhat scandalous.  Throughout the entire story there are racy situations. Within the first four chapters Jonathan’s well-being and sanity comes in the form of three beautiful seductresses. By threatening to compromise his loyalty to Mina, they are attacking Jonathan’s honor as well as his neck. “The fair girl went on her knees and bent over me, fairly gloating. There was a deliberate voluptuousness which was both thrilling and repulsive, and as she arched her neck she actually licked her lips like an animal… I could feel the soft, shivering touch of the lips on the supersensitive skin of my throat, and the hard dents of two sharp teeth, just touching and pausing there,” (51) This quote shows a very sexually intense scene. In chapters 5-8 there is a part when Mina sees Lucy in the courtyard; Lucy looks virginal and angelic, while Dracula looks dark and evil. By the time Mina reaches Lucy, Lucy is portrayed using post-coital imagery. In chapters 9-12 the attack of a vampire is shown using sexual imagery, the remedies of the doctors are sexual, too. Seward describes his blood transfusion to Lucy as “life-blood” entering “the woman he loves,” and then decides not to tell her fiancée about the event, as if it were an affair. In chapters 13-16 the killing of the vampire Lucy takes place… this contains much sexual imagery. It is her former husband-to-be that performs the act, pounding a phallic stake through her body. She then becomes animated in a manner suggesting a hideous sexual climax: writhing and twisting as blood foams out of her mouth. Only in the post-coital moment is she restored to the beauty she was in life. Dracula’s attack on Mina is littered with imagery of sex, rape and betrayal. Her husband is unconscious on the very bed on which the act is taking place. Dracula is holding her in an awkward position and her face is forced ‘down on his bosom’. Clothes are torn apart, and the blood of the deflowered is dripping down both their bodies. I Strongly believe that Dracula’s function was to aknowledge sex and get people to  talk about it openly.

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